Glasjouren is a modern glaziery company in a traditional industry. You can contact us when you need help with glass for apartments, villas, shops and real estate.

We are active 24/7 and every day of the year. During the weekdays between 07:00 and 16:00 you can book time with us for repairs and glass changes. During the evening, night and weekend, we always have our phone staffed with glaziers ready to help out.

What we can do

We assist you in replacing broken glass and glass mounting in real estate. No matter where in the whole Stockholm area you are and whether you are a homeowner, apartment owner, property owner or entrepreneur you are as important customer for us. If you give us the confidence to change your glass, we will do everything for you to be satisfied with our delivery. Glasjouren performs all traditional glassware and fittings, such as changing glass windows and insulating glass mounting. Our service trucks are the basis of our business. They are rolling workshops with all the equipment and materials required to make the most varied work and assembly on site. Our thinking is that if we have the right materials and equipment at once, we can save time for our customers and maintain higher quality and faster deliveries. A rolling glass glaziery on your street when you need it!

We assemble interior glass such as partitions, showers, kitchen glasses, shelves and mirrors etc. No project is like another, we have no standard measurements in stock but everything is being cut and processed to your desired dimensions.

Our glaziers have long experience in the industry and are continuously undergoing training to deliver the best possible service and quality. We have experience and knowledge of all current building glass, from puttied windows to exclusive interior glass (for kitchen, bathroom etc.) and fire protection.

Our glaziery

At our modernly equipped workshop we stock float, lamellglass, ornament and interior glass as well as acrylic and polycarbonate for fast delivery. We also have many spare parts for windows and doors as well as fittings for mounting glass in stock. Our glass handling and transport equipment is state-of-the-art. We own a crane truck with vacuum lifter and glass robot for mounting heavy glass in eg. shopping center. With our cuttingtable we cut laminated safety glass and armored glass up to grade P6B for fast delivery. We have our own grinding machines for edge grinding and grinding, and drills for holes and recesses in flat glass and mirrors.

Often we can leave a fixed price for a work/delivery already at your first call. We have fixed prices for changing glass windows, insulating glass, etc. No freight fees or tolls are charged and our prices are the same no matter where you are in the greater Stockholm.

If you need repetitive glass services, contact us for more information on what we can offer and service agreements.