Glasjouren is a young company in a tradition-based industry. The company was founded in 2003 by father and son, Tommy and Christer Nyman.

The goal has always been to develop a flexible company that, with new ideas and resources, can serve customers throughout the Greater Stockholm area. Glasjouren works with fully-equipped service cars, rolling workshops, with all the necessary equipment and materials to be able to perform the most varied glass work and repairs regardless of the time of day. Since its inception, the company has grown from its own power and has today built a stable and independent business. We currently have the resources to help our customers all the way from emergency repair to final action of an damage. Our goal is to carry out all the highest quality work, so we place high demands on ourselves and our suppliers, but also on the choice of materials and working methods. We will do our utmost to make you happy with a work done if you choose us as a supplier. Glasjouren is an independent private company and is run by me togheter with my  staff.

Christer Nyman – CEO

2003/01 The company is started
2003/01 Two on call trucks in operation
2003/10 Float glass cutting table is installed
2004/03 Crane truck for transport and assembly of large glass is put into operation
2005/06 We move to larger premises
2006/04 Another on call truck in service
2006/06 On call truck number 4 in operation
2007/01 Slabs for slate and safety glass are installed
2008/05 Edge grinding machine for float and lamellar glas
2009/05 A simple website is published
2009/09 Two of our trucks are replaced
2010/01 On call and service truck number 5 is ready
2010/04 A new website is published
2010/11 Glasjouren is part of the group Nymans Glas AB
2011/03 We acquire a glass robot for lifting heavy glass in confined spaces
2011/04 Our certification according to ISO 9001/14001 is complete
2012/01 Compact size store for large-size glass purchased
2012/11 Commercials with Glasjouren is made by Masscreation
2014/01 We strengthen our organization with sales and marketing manager
2014/01 Glasjouren is featured in the article in the local newspaper
2014/02 Recertification of the ISO 9001/14001 is complete
2014/02 Full-width plastic sheet saw is installed
2014/02 Glasjouren is mentioned as the source in one article.
2015/08 Jour and service truck number 6 are under construction
2015/10 A new website is published
2016/01 We are now MTK-certified.
2016/03 An on call truck is replaced by a new one with lower emissions.
2016/07 A truck is converted to transport large glass.
2016/10 Revised website published
2016/10 A new on call truck is put into operation
2016/12 Glasjouren is included in an article in the local newspaper 
2017/03 The workshop is being rebuilt for a better working environment.
2017/04 Recertification of the ISO 9001/14001 is complete
2017/05 New glass grinding machine and new float cutting board installed.
2018/03 We are now recertified according to new updated ISO 9001-/14001-2015